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Isaya Athanas from Tanzania message


I would like to thank and congratulate for your business program which apart from aiming profit, you have given us an opportunity to win the gifts including the car.
This is great respect to your customers and others interested in your commodities and services all over the world. Thanks and congratulations for that.
I’m also glad to be one of participants of this program hoping that I can do the best and win the gifts. I promise to promote and convince friends to visit your website by sharing this link to the social network pages so as it gain popularity hence many people get to know about this.
I would like to ask you number of questions:
1 . how do you get, (a). the average points for respective country, (b).ranking of the participants in consideration of their points, (c).ranking of country where participants come from?
2.Will the winner get the brand new car (0km) or the used one?
Finally I beg you to notify me through an email address when I get some points when someone vist the link
Thanks and good luck for your business program
Isaya Athanas

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