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Isaac Bakali from Malawi message

Isaac Bakali from Malawi message
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As every winner candidate, i am extreemly happy that CarFromJapan has given out a chance for people to win and have their lives changed, yes transformed for better. Emerging a winner in a draw is somethin one can not explain in a million ways or words.
I can imagine seeing myself in that situation when CarFromJapan has named me a winner and then i am asked to say something but my brain is all blown out! “Extreemly happy than ever before”
If i am to give a reason why i should emerge a winner, it is because i am a brain-child of CarFromJapan, I never had a dream of having a car once in my life up until Japanese used cars came to my rescue. Best cars, in excellent condition, without doubt with the lowest price affordable. Japanese Used Cars is a thin line bridge between poverty and riches…. It transforms Persons to Better-sons! You rock my world!

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