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Innocent Sandram from Malawi message

Innocent Sandram from Malawi message
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I come from the central region of Malawi in a district called Nkhotakota. I am currently staying in Lilongwe City because I am a student at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). I dont stay at the university because of limited lodging resources, therefore, I stay about 35 kilometers away from the university. I live in an area where internet access is very pathetic and expensive, but I still try my best to show up here. I travel to the university 6 days a week, spending a minimum of about US$2 every day. I wish I owned a car but my financial base is too small to make the wish a reality. Hence, winning this car will mean a lot to me, and my family (not married but I keep 3 of my siblings). It will help me realize my academic and professional ambitions earlier than I plan. In so doing, the whole country (Malawi) will know that Car From Japan has changed the face of success for country boy (myself).

I do not intend to use the car I win for any income generation purposes, but to use it to help me achieve my long term dreams of uplifting the lives of the vulnerable groups in many ways. At the moment, I fail to attend to most important workshops and seminars around my country because of time limitations due to tedious public transport systems in this country. I fail to reach out to people needing my services and support because I am limited in terms of mobility. Time is the common denominator limiting my schedules which I fail to meet due to mobility issues. Hence, wining this car will benefit not only me, but a lot more whom I haven’t been able to get to, and those that depend on me for travel expenses.

I addition to that, winning a car from this competition will encourage me to live a positive life,of which most of my peers will emulate. For example, I like sports, composing and performing musical arts and developing youth forums for positivity and development among my peers. This makes me interact more with my fellow youths. Most of them take me as a leader and a model. In that case, when I win a car from this competition of of which they know am a participant, they will be motivated by the mention of Car From Japan. imagine everyone of these talking of Car From Japan simply because of my winning.. you can see on my Facebook profile that I have over 4,000 friends, i do interact with them all and associating my owning a free car with Car From Japan will increase even your customers base in this part of the country.

That aside, I have seen people in my locality buying cars from other companies and most of them are grounded within two years of use. To me, I would rather go for a Japanese used car, which has a wide market of affordable spare parts. A Japanese Used car in my country can be used for over 5 years without experiencing beyond repair faults. Almost all people that own Japanese used cars are happy with their cars because they are user friendly here and affordable to maintain. Why should I not be interested to own one of that sort myself? Definitely, I need to. In fact, with my small financial base, I can not manage to buy even a used car but I am so positive that I can maintain a Japanese Used Car.. if I might happen to own one.

I am so much interested in business ethics portrayed by Car From Japan, such that even if I don’t make it in this challenge, I am so hopeful that when my time comes to own a car, I will buy it direct from Car From Japan. Imagine I contact directly with agents from Car From Japan attending to my personal worries about Japanese used car. Other would let robots or computers attend to me, but not with Car From Japan. This is unique and encouraging, which makes everything interesting. Why should I not want to be associated with such a prominent company..?? Everyone else would!!

At the moment, I do encourage my friends and others to trade with Japanese Used Cars of Car From Japan. However, I have little in my basket to physically show and prove to them that this is the best company because I don’t own a car yet. I believe that if I win a car from this competition, all their questions and doubts will be settled at once, and your customer base boosted in my area of residence and the country as a whole. This will make me encourage them even more and more, with great enthusiasm knowing that I have something to show and convince them.

Finally, I thank Car From Japan for bringing this competition and making rules and regulations accommodate my status to qualify for the challenge. I am so hopeful to realize my dream with you. Thank you.

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