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innocent komba from Tanzania message

innocent komba from Tanzania message
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I always wish to drive a car from Japan the reason behind which makes me to love Japanese car is the quality of the car and simple price unlike other car from other country apart from Japan.
Am too glad to be part of this competition, here I think ma dream will come true very fast and I hope to be one of the winner of this competition.
Also i would like to thank you for the good service you provide to you customer.
This competition will help to rise the standard of life for most African people, I know you can’t help all African but through this competition you have show how you desired to help some of Africans and from them they can help their relative in solving there economic.
From the bottom of my heart i would like to say that, I Like to be part of our company and I pray to you to take it into consideration. the only reasons which makes me to pray on the chance is the good service you provide to you customer.
Thank you for you support and I wish you all the best and GOD be with you in all plan you make for the betterment of the company and your lovely customer.
Have a nice time.

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