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Immaculate K. W from Uganda message

Immaculate K. W from Uganda message
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Hi Car From Japan,

First off, thank you so much for the campaign and competition, i know you are sacrificing a lot to have this competition be a success, i appreciate and am very glad to participate, i do hope i win.

Among the many reasons why you should pick me as a winner is a really need a car, i know everyone who is participating needs a car, i can only say, i am participating and if i win this will be the car that makes life much more easier for me, my kids and family.

With a car from Japan, we already have high rankings for the cars because in Uganda, most of the sold vehicles are from Japan, that will make it even easier for maintenance and also reduces the amount i have to use in taxes when the car is brought to Mombasa.

Thanks again for the opportunity

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