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Iga Dan from Uganda message

Iga Dan from Uganda message
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My Desire to win a Toyota Voxy Car From Japan

Am a Ugandan currently staying in Kenya pursuing my MSc. Civil Engineering. I stay away from school and so rely on public transport to school commonly called “Matatus”. Language barrier is a big problem for me and my friends who are from other countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe as we don’t know and understand the local language and National language called Swahili which is the main means of Transport.

Because of our the fact that we are from outside Kenya and don’t know the language, exploitation in the public sector has become a very normal thing and the chances of theft and threats towards our lives has become imminent. The terrorism scares and threats in Kenya have become more pronounce with the terrorists targeting among others international students in the bid to have a bigger audience from Kenya and its international partners. Further, history has shown that public utilities are highly targeted including Commuter taxis and Buses which carry many people by these Terrorists.

Apart from the above threat, Kenya is such a beautiful country which has great tourism places which unfortunately we haven’t been able to visit because of transport hindrances. In addition to the above as students we set up a fellowship which we hope to use to reach out to orphanages, child support areas, hospitals etc in a bid to minister to the needy, the sick, the orphans, the abandoned babies through giving anything we can such as clothes, food, water, bedding’s, sports equipment etc and these areas are in different regions allover Kenya.

I am therefore writing on behalf of my friends and classmates and fellowship-mates pleading for a Japanese Used Car from “Car From Japan” to facilitate in solving the above mentioned concerns which in summary include easing transportation from our Hostel to the University and vice versa, improving our security, well-being and livelihood as foreigners in Kenya for a period of over two years; improving the reach-ability of the actions of our fellowship in serving the less privileged in Kenya and in the bid to learn more about the heritage of the Kenyan community and discovering various places to interest ourselves in our leisure periods.

Characteristics of the Japanese Used Car we are interested in:

The Toyota Noah Ref No. 26232717 Registration 2004/11 is the Car that would meet our demands and desires as it is a multi functional car with a capacity of 7 people thus taking a big number of students to and fro school and to such activities organized by the fellowship. It’s color is Silver which makes it such a beautiful car. Mileage is only 53,129 km (From research from people who have bought cars from Car From Japan, we have been informed that there cars are very very reliable even with Mileages close to 200,000Km or more, these cars are very close to the manufacture state hence a lower mileage is even an added bonus). Its displacement is 2,000 cc, and a Right Steering plus Automatic Transmission implying that many of the Students can drive it as most countries are Right Steering as compared to the francophone countries.

Among others the following options which the car offers are mind boggling and make this car worthy of us winning. these include; Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Power Windows, Rear Window Defroster, Rear Window Wiper, A/C front, A/C rear, Navigation System, Power Steering, Remote Keyless Entry, Tilt Wheel, AM/FM Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Alloy Wheels, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Third Row Seats, and the car as had no accidents as expected of all cars from “Car From Japan”.

Many companies especially in Japan deal in cars and selling just as Car from Japan does but all the others are after making profits and getting rid of all these cars on behalf of Japanese. Car From Japan has an ultimate goal of “Enriching Lives” unlike other companies and this it does by connecting people and facilitating trades which is a very noble reason for doing business. This company prides itself in giving direct and easy access to thousands of used cars from Japan, at unbeatable prices and testimonies from two friends who have bought Cars from this great company confess to the fact that it has established teams and partners to constantly listen to the issues of the customers, give feedback and encourage to all concerns however stupid they may seem. This has led to this company being entrusted by hundreds of major Japanese used car exporters across Japan with an unmatched portfolio of cars at bargain prices.

We would love to win a Japanese Used Car from this great company “Car From Japan.”

Thank you for this opportunity to all of those who will win free cars ($5,000 and $3,000), $500 coupon for 5 persons and $100 coupon for 100 persons.

If I win, i will be very glad but even if I don’t we all remain winners for this noble act which Car From Japanese with all its partners including, OS Network, Prosper International Trade, Sky Group and Mish have done.

Yours, Iga Dan

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