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Iddy Omar Msinzia from Tanzania message

Iddy Omar Msinzia from Tanzania message
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Thank you,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Mrs. Hana Yurimoto the chief marketing officer ,Car From Japan Co.,Ltd and the company for nominating me as one of the participants in this competition.Alot appreciates to the Car From Japan Ltd company and its employees for rising the company to the maximum cooperation and making it more bigger and compitative in the world.
I would like to say thank you and I am so interested with the company and its services to its people and customer due to the maximum services provided to his customers .I in my courageous am able to stand and say Car from Japan ltd is one of the most leading company in exporting cars from Japan to other countries abroad and its customers get satisfied of the services that are given out by Cars From Japan Ltd. I as one of the nominees I am so happy from the bottom of my heart to be one of the top nominees that make me to reach the appex and goals that I pray to reach day to day ,I promise you that I will stand and fight for the company until the end, I am more ready and ready to be among the good representatives of the company in and out of my country as one of winners of this competition .
Mostly expect good answers of you as a company next time, I hope you will think of me in this competition and I will be more happy if I am chosen as one of the winners of this competition and I promise to do all the best and be one of the active connectors of the company after you have chosen me as a winner of this competition. Thank you!
Iddy Omary Msinzia.
Dar es sallaam, Tanzania
+255 655439238 .

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