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Hillary Kimata from Kenya message

Hillary Kimata from Kenya message
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Was looking around for a Japanese used car on the internet and I came across your website and I must say I was impressed at the detail and easiness in which I could search for a particular car. The information on how much it would cost to ship it to Mombasa was impressive as well as the total CIF cost calculator.

About 95% of cars on Kenyan roads are Japanese used cars and so there is great demand and huge market for these cars here. I am positive that Car From Japan would benefit a great deal from marketing itself here and take advantage of the demand for quality Japanese used cars.

I would recommend Car From Japan to anyone who is wishing to aquire quality Japanese used cars not just here in Kenya but anywhere else in the world.

I would really benefit from a good quality Japanese used car (Mitsubishi Outlander is my choice – excellent reviews from owners)> Should you pick me as a winner I will represent Car From Japan and its sponsor to the best of my ability to improve its presence here in Kenya and subsequently increasing its sales.

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