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Hillary kiama from Kenya message

Hillary kiama from Kenya message
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The bitter winter colds have turned up north and the august winds are gusting .summer is on its way as if it is awakening from a a deep sleep ,mother nature gets rid of her drab winter garment and slips on her spectacular spring dress ,an astonishing metamorphosis that happens year after year .With all that i love travelling ,it is in ‘maa ‘ region far away from the magnificent capital city of kenya -nairobi that is probably the best example of this dramatic transition .with its arid summer months .it is almost impossible to believe after the winter rains the desert is totaly transformed into a kaleidoscope of wild flowers that stretch as far as the eye can see .Hordes of visitors gather here springtime eager to witness the spectacle of about 600 indigeneous species of flora stretching from horizon to horizon .Its my very wish that i travel to this wonderful destination DRIVING my own car .’Imagination’ .But it is imagination that take people places .Its my very sincere hopes that u WILL MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE

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