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Henry Businge Atugonza from Uganda message

Henry Businge Atugonza from Uganda message
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From the depth of my being, I am overwhelmed by this opportunity to win a car from Japan. You know down here in my country (Uganda), at least 95% of the cars are from japan, they are reliably strong and easy to maintain given the state of our roads, we can never thank Japan enough for the wonder working of a Japanese used car. All our commuter taxis are from japan, its fanny everyday as I commute to and from work in a taxi, I occasionally close my eyes and I pretend to be driving my own car, that is I feel my self in my own car which is a Toyota Rav4 2013 model, black in color with black leather seats and a sun roof, driving to and from work with the girl I love in the passengers seat, I stretch my imaginary hands and reach for the steering wheel,I look at the fuel gauge which is usually at half way point, I press the ignition switch with my imaginary hands and I hear the starting sound of a beautiful car from japan, I then stretch my imaginary right leg to reach for the break peddle first and then after starting the car i move my imaginary right foot on the accelerator and off we go, stretching my left land I reach for the radio knobs and turn on my favorite radio station which is radio one 90.0 FM, increase the volume just from the steering wheel because this is a Toyota Rav4 2013 model with volume controls on the steering wheel, I swing my imaginary head right to left at the sound of the music in my car from japan.I try to hoot as I am entering a junction and even look behind through the rare mirror and the side mirrors to see the cars behind mine, then I ask my sweet heart “how do you like it ride?” to which she smiles and says ” it is so beautiful my love…thank you..I love you darling.” I then reply “the pleasure is all mine my Darling I love you too”. sometimes i even go further and imagine our little babies standing behind the front seats calling daddy… mummy… look at that, see that , i want ice cream, i want sweets……as we respond filled with great joy to have my family with me in my imaginary car. This whole imaginary adventure feels so good and I can not wait to have my own Car from Japan.
I have also observed that Japanese used cars which are imported here in Uganda are usually in good condition just as good as brand new, which makes me love cars from Japan. And I know my little dream will come true one day and I will drive my own Car From Japan. Car From Japan Co. Ltd, thank you for this wonderful opportunity you have given me and to many. May the Almighty Bless All and cheers to the best of all.

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