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Hasik Baghdasarián from Armenia message

Hasik Baghdasarián from Armenia message
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Hi! I am Hasik from Armenia.I am 23 years old I don’t work and graduated Yerevan State University…My dream is to earn as much money as I can buy a car for me.Most of all I want to drive a Brabus but I know that it is very expensive for me to buy.For it I will work much.
I will be very happy that U pick me as a winner.There is no difference if it can be used car or no for me the main aid that I win the car,be happy and drive my own car why not the car that I win)))))
I know many people that driving Japenese cars in my country.They using online way to pay for the car.Then as the near port is Poti from there they are getting theor cars.
So if I win the car I will be very happy and my dreams come true.Thanks

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