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Gwyneth kudita from Zimbabwe message

Gwyneth kudita from Zimbabwe message
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How are you japanese cars, am honoured to part of this, firstly let me gv a bit of my back ground, am a single woman, i divorced one year 3mnths ago, i have three children, the eldest is 5, the sec one 2 nd half years old, the last one just turned 1, life is diffucult for me, i go to wrk but i dont earn enough to save and buy a car, my ex doesnt do much for his children, after i get paid am left with nothing after all my bills, ive always wanted a car, but i can not afford it, my first daughter once took my house keys and put them in a little box on my birthday, and she said my mum open the box, its your present, then she was only four, she said mum here are your keys to your red car, i smiled said thank you, and i cried, every time she sees a red car, she shouts mum theres your car, please i realy need a car to carry my children and i, at times i leave them at home when am going to church because i cant cross the road with them, please i really need a car, thats why i should win the car, not only that but if i have a car i can even sale things, people take you seriously when you are driving, part two of your question, Japanese car are realiable, cheap, and user friendly because you can easily get spare parts,! Please make my daughter dream come true!let me be the winner

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