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Gurishaeli Walter Nkamba from Tanzania message


In this world of science and technology (advanced era) transportation has become one of the most important sector as far as development is concern. It ranges from railway, water air and road transport. Among which, road transport is very important in developing countries (including my country, Tanzania) due to the fact that we don’t have adequate infrastructure to support other means of transport.
Nevertheless, despite it all road transport (which require cars) faces many challenge including poor infrastructures (roads) hence it require cars made especially to fit the needs of the country concerned. This makes Japanese vehicle being one of the most bought cars in the continent(Africa) as they are made to sustain all kind of roads according to one’s need.
Almost ninety percent of cars used in my country (Tanzania) are made from Japan, in which most of those are Toyota. This is not only for individuals or private sectors but also high rank government official use Japanese care. Of cause it ranges from used to brand new cars but all in all they are all from Japan. This statistics (though not scientifically proved, only based on my observation) shows that Japanese cars not only of high quality, but also cost effectively. By cost effectively I refer to the price of car and cost of running it (fuel consumption and maintenance) is affordable according to one’s income. As it is written from the website, the price start as low as 500 USD, This simply mean any one can afford one. This makes Japanese cars being the most car found in my country as they are accessible and yet of high quality.
I always admired Toyota Voltz, and I believe this giveaway is the chance for me to have one. First of all it is classic and it suit for family as it has enough space to accommodate five people comfortably. Also its running cost is reasonable due to type of engine made. It is an ideal car for me, so am so excited to be announced as a winner in order to own one of my own car.
To me this has been a privilege, and I cannot wait to be announced as a winner. What I think is that you cannot talk about automobile without mentioning Japan as they have been great contribution to the advancement and development of environmental friendly car for safety and health global. As we are all aware that global warming is mostly due to industrial development, therefore contribution of Japanese in making environmental friendly cars is of great important for protection of not only environment, but also future generation.

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