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Gracious Mphinji from Malawi message

Gracious Mphinji from Malawi message
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Cars from Japan,
these are the type of cars that have stood a test of time and they’re getting more beautiful,strong,lovely,more technological,more convenient and comfortable as minutes,hours,days,weeks,months and years pass by and its my dire wish to own one of these beautiful cars on your fleet.As an African where most of the roads are bumpy and unturnaced my dream car is that which can withstand such environment and at the same time should have little fuel consumption which most of your cars do.It’s good that these cars were from Japan were introduced to cut costs as companies have very expensive merchandise which are also very difficult to maintain,but your cars which are spread almost in every country,region are cheaper but strong and are easy to maintain as spare parts are readily available in our small economies.Continue the good job of supplying these beautiful and strong all weather but easy to maintain cars.

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