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Godfrey longwe from Malawi message

Godfrey longwe from Malawi message
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This is a great campaign,it’ll help people who never thought they could own cars. Thank you for your thinking about us. I love cars from Japan ,they are strong vehicles,they are engineered for luxurious experience and safety is not compromised. i would love to be picked us a winner because i have much love for cars, i usually Drive from Tanzania port to Malawi getting used cars from be forward japan, i love driving so much that it inspires me, makes me think and i have a love for adventure.

But not only that ,am also a business man who purchases things from Tanzania whenever i get a chance to drive a car from Tanzania, and i sale them here in Malawi which requires a lot of movements and owning a vehicle
will render much of assistance making my movements easier.

i have proved and witnessed that Japanese vehicles are stronger and built for perfection.

Godfrey Longwe

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