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Gitonga Ruchiami from Kenya message

Gitonga Ruchiami from Kenya message
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I recently had to sell my car to settle a huge hospital bill and I have just been looking at Japanese used cars from your website and wishing I could afford one. I was so happy to see that there is a chance to win one in your competition.

I am very happy to take part in this competition and I really hope I win and have a chance to get my dream car. I will definitely forever be indebted to Car from Japan if I win and I will be an ambassador for your company to my country Kenya. I will make sure I spread the good word of what your company did for me if I win and I will dedicate my free time to working to get more people to buy cars from Car From Japan.

I will be the happiest person in this world if I win so i really hope and pray that I do. Thank you for the inspiring competition.

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