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GITHINJI DAVID N. from Kenya message

GITHINJI DAVID N. from Kenya message
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I have a great like and taste for Japanese cars whether new or old. I have always drive a Japanese car.. Given the ability and opportunity to own to drive all of them I would have a test on every Japanese car though let me be frankly to say that due to their durability, good resale value and reliability not everyone can own the car they like. from Japan.. Japanese cars may be smaller in size and design than the American vehicles though it is had to find a secondhand right hand drive from America for most of our Africa. Japan provide us with a wide variety of designs, capacity and size . Nobody will beat Japan on the road. I love Japan Cars more to say and I’m a winner of Japan in Africa and Kenya in particular.

  1. Japan provides a large selection of Japanese new or used cars for us to buy to buy directly from Japan. japan provides the world especially Africa exporters and buyers with some of the most dependable and reliable cars on our road and those that cars generally enjoy a higher resale value than their American or European counterparts.

  2. Japanese cars are known for being mostly trouble-free when it comes to major issues regarding mechanical breakdown or failure. We in Africa have been able to drive these cars for long distances without requiring major repairs despite the bad condition of our roads . These cars are hero of the Africa’s roads. and are designed with an appearance that doesn’t become quickly outdated or go out of style very fast. while changed made to existing models are relevant and for the betterment of the car’s performance safety and mores so the safety of the drivers.

3 . Japan have used their competitive advantage and seek to give us links to importers and dealers with offices at our local countries and offices.
4 We have spare-part available for any Japanese vehicle and and a relatively low price. They are also genuine and fit within the recommended service schedules. Japan have and efficient sales system for their cars and spare-parts.

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