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Githaiga Alex from Kenya message

Githaiga Alex from Kenya message
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Japanese Used car….these cars are really good and also nice because they are so affordable…some of these cars come to Kenya being customized and they really look nice and beautiful esp when fitted with alloy rims and spoilers…e.g in the new shape Vitz,and the Fielder,also spoilers on the Noah and also gauges…i saw an Ipsum with red gauges i love it…i dint know it was a seven seater till recently and i fell in love with it…i love japanese used car…
i will do CarFromJapan anytime…the resale value is fine and also u find a customer quickly esp here in Kenya…apart from that its very good in handling and engine parts are readily available and in quantity unlike other cars from other countries to find a spare u will have to find a broken down car to be able to get spares…i found a guy who has maintained his old toyota 1000…so nice station wagon…small in shape n still strong…my friend had a nissan b12 worked with it as a taxi driver and it served him well for 3 years him being the sixth owner and the car was in mint shape…thats why i say i will do japanese used car or even cars from japan anytime…gd9t n continue the nice work…u have put smiles on many faces including mine

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