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Girma Abebe from Ethiopia message

Girma Abebe from Ethiopia message
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I like most Japans car. They are comfortable and economical running cost, simple and easy good looking. But I like to ask the steering position of your cars. Are all Right hand side? If they are so, it would be difficult to drive them in Ethiopia. Please say some thing about this, because our country driving rules and regulations are mandatory to be every car to have Left hands.
The other thing which we want to know is that, how long will the supply of spare parts of these cars continue to be available in the market where the cars are distributed all over the world. I mean most dealers supply only the cars not the spare parts.
If I have the chance to win this draw I would be the dealer for this brand, “Japanese used car dealer in Ethiopia”.
Thank you,
Girma Abebe, June 17/2015. Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA.

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