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gideon Monjeza from Malawi message

gideon Monjeza from Malawi message
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Am Gideon Monjeza from Malawi, i believe that you can not chose anyone else except me, because I love Japanese cars hence am involved in advertising the cars. Nature of my Job allows me to give guidance and counselling which in some cases am involved in advising people on the importance of buying a car from Japan.
Am educated Pastor who normally go out in the remote areas sharing the gospel hence advertising the goodness of Japanese car as i travel. Japanese cars are durable, long last, well vanished and one look executive when using it and with these facts i can speak good of Japanese cars.

In my home country, people who use cars from japan look honorable and most of the people here, almost 95% use these cars because of the following;

  • Spares are found locally and when you have a problem it becomes easy to fix.
  • cars are very strong hence very few broken/damaged cars from Japan
  • My government officials buy and use cars from Japan therefore many people wants to look very Honorable when using these cars.
  • Fuel consumption is affordable as compared to some other cars.
  • Less restrictions from the government of Malawi on cars imported from Japan.
  • Cars from Japan are certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS).
  • They bring recognition to the people using them.
    -They are dust free and well designed for prestige.
  • The are a fordable and manageable regardless of the status.
  • staffs working with this company are very friendly and helpful, when dealing with purchasing a car.
  • takes short period of time for the car to reach destination, especially when importing a car.

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