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George Wachira from Kenya message

George Wachira from Kenya message
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Greetings: I owe special thanks to car from Japan management for giving us giving this opportunity and on my behalf i would like to own a car which will be a first time to our family and it will help to be always carrying my grandmother who brought me up since i was born to hospital because she always visits hospital which is quite a distance from our homestead,it will save us from delays we always experience as we wait for a public transport,cars,i have being admiring cars from since the time i was a toddler cars from Japanese have a supersonic speed ,they can travel on any road.My grandmother has been praying for me to own a car and thats the car from Japan is the one for me so that we cant suffer again when taking her to hospital.Car from Japan you are God sent and you are the best in the world.Thank you.George from Kenya.

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