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George Rashid from Tanzania message



My Mummy, My Mummy, My mummy, How can I thank you, what can reward you, whom can I resemble to you, know that l’m appreciate you,l love you and I’m still need you in all of my life, You make me superial as I’m utilize my professional cheaper than all other company, also you leave me freely to provide services to all people all over the world, My mumy CAR FROM JAPAN CO. LTD.
It’s me your Son Toyota Harrier from car from Japan company limited you have done a lot to me and you means everything in my life. Look this my dear he need me a lot my mummy just listen to him through this message below.
My dear Toyota Harrier l need you a lot in my life,you can take you’re time to care for me,you’re the one who can carry me without tired,you’re the one who can tie me a shoes on my both legs anytime I can provide shade to me with your beautiful roof during the raining and also during the sun.
You can always accompanying me to my daily routine, you can accompanying my family and my neighbors and I realized you can bring happiness to my family and all community at general. Do you see how you’re mostly important to me dear Toyota Harrier.
You can help to bring home our daily needs such as food,shelter and clothes,you can be my home when I’ll be homeless, you can be my trouser, shirt and so on to wearing when I’ll be off.
You can accompanying me to the shopping area such as supermarket, market as well as local market. All these you can do to me Toyota Harrier.
Your not discriminate regardless of the colors, continent, country, Ages, religious, zone, sex, political ideology, company or firm, institution, an industry, disability and treat all people equal regardless our races.
I don’t have anything to compensate with your kindnesses you can do to me, you’re strong, courageous, intelligence as well as fastest.
Toyota Harrier from Japan your durable, you can survive long since your still able although your used for few, your still with your abilities to perform well you daily duties.
Your fastest and you can traveling long distance without tiyed and feed as your fuel tank enable you to travel a long distance without adding another fuel and your powerfully engine make you faster and smooth even at a high slope and mountain road as well as rough road.
Dispites of your powerfully and as your already used your have good looking especially your shining black color also your attractive shape as your length not exceeds five meters ( 5 m), your width not exceeds one point nine meter ( 1.9 m) and your height not exceeds one point seven meters ( 1.7 m) all these leave you with a beautiful looking my dear Toyota Harrier from car from Japan company limited.
Thought your used but you still with your luxurious five seats able and with a good looking, your five ( 5 ) Doors with a tinted glasses window creates a good views to both sides of the area from the car view, also your hydraulic steering make easier and smooth driving.
Toyota harrier from car from Japan you still with your comfort area (room) with the charger for charging smartphones and other mobile devices as well as a GPS. The Air condition which deliver cool air in the cabin for longer time even if the vehicle is idling, mult information display which displays navigation,audio such as cool and heavy music system, and other information on the instrument panel, also an automatic open and closing window all still in use for used Toyota harrier from car from Japan.
High safety and driving support such as site mirrors and overhead mirror, flont mirror with their well designed shapes increase visibility of driver during driving course. Also well fitted Brakes mitigate the ability of Toyota harrier to collide with other moving and non moving people and object. Horn provide a sound which warning people and other animal from collide with it hence increase security and safety among the society.
Also Environmental friendly where you Toyota harrier from Japan your not enmity pollution especially corbondioxide co2 to the environment as you have a proper and order engine which leads to less emission of corbondioxide co2 hence sustainable to developments.
Efficiency use of fuel leads to be cheaper to use it as as I can handle the price of few petrol per day and it can allow to move as far as you can since only few petrol can move a long distance.
Ability to carry a luggage and people at once as Toyota Harrier from car from Japan still with the ability to carry a huge luggage regardless of the number of people required to carry so you my dear Toyota Harrier please look on me your now realize how much I need you.
Car from Japan I your the best used car company seller ever happen in whole of the world, know for sure you have best products that’s only reason I’m invite’s people from different place to try your product and they realize from what I’m say.
I will be your product advertising campaign through the car you can offered me to the best of my ability especially at lake zone area in Tanzania.
Most people at lake zone region in Tanzania interested to buy a car but they failed due to pure selection of product and end up blaming on the company seller.
I will be gratefully if my application will be considered and I’m promise you to fulfill my aim of be a moving advertising of your car.

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