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ftida lihiku from Malawi message

ftida lihiku from Malawi message
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picking me as the winner will depend on how i participate in this compagn and i f am the right person.You would pick me as awinner because am ahard working person and i have never had my own car so it will be good if you pick me.If you pick me,i ll be greatful even my family and relatives,it wll turns our life to be better in terms of transport because we are far away with everything like,hospitals,schools and markerts so if you pick me,ithnk this problen will be solved since i will use the cars.It will my pressure if you pick me as awinner because iwll advise some people who wants to buy cars,that it should be better to buy cars from japan and ill imform everybody that they should not take things granted.iwll be greatfull if you pick me as awinner because this car will turn my joy and happiness,my life ll be better..even every body in our hood. (2)To say the truth,cars from japan are so amazing and they have this great Quality that is totally different from any other car from japan are the best even the history of japaneese used cars are good and impresive.The japaneese used acars,they arw adorable even the durability are perfect fine.Interms of price .they are cheap than any car companies.When one buys cars from japan they be sure that they have puchase agood car that they dont regreat it.The life span of japaneese cars are good.they stay long before the service.Cars from japan are fine even the brand atotally different from other companies,the japaneese used cars are 100%perfect..They have discounts,and when one buys cars from japan,they transport the cars into ones port place.The japaneese used cars have good engenes.they are small in size but flexible and reliable.These engenes consume alttle fuel. Other companies have tried to copy these japaneese used cars but they failed they cant manege it because car are orignal.even the parts are orignal ans fine.I will be great full i will be the one of those winners.

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