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Fiona Wanjiku Maina from Kenya message

Fiona Wanjiku Maina from Kenya message
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Dear Car From Japan.
Through Chief Marketing Officer,

Thank you for the rare opportunity you have given me to participate in this competition. Japan happens to be my dream destination; reason being that I marvel at your infrastructure and the love of the Japanese people for Art and Music.

The reason you should pick me as the winner is that besides my passion for Japanese cars, I wish to have and own a car from Japan. In addition, I am an artist and thus creative. I have strong marketing and Public Relations skills and I can therefore make an excellent Brand Ambassador. I can combine creativity and marketing with good PR to push the Brand further if given the opportunity.

Winning the car would therefore form an integral part of this noble exercise as I would be able to talk and show factual characteristics of a car from Japan through my experience of driving one.

I have always wished to get a directly get a car from Japan as I have seen the durability and the good service Japanese cars have. Likewise, Japanese used cars are the best in the world as compared to others from various motor vehicle production countries e.g American and UK. It is my prayer that I become an owner of either a new car from Japan or a Japanese used car. I have a passion for Japan. To me, so long as a product is made in Japan, I do not hesitate to get it.

A car from Japan or a Japanese used car has smaller engines and have more fuel economy than American cars for example. Japanese cars have more engine types and they can go faster for cheaper.

Japan is in fact is known for making ever long lasting cars or very reliable at the least for many years. In my family we have two cars from Japan. They are Mazda model. Very good cars.

The Japanese cars are so much more advanced and are more reliable. First they have more engine type like in-line 4, in-line 6, 2,3,4 rotors and boxer e.t.c. they will usually weight less and with a little boost your little ordinary Japanese car can be be a little Godzilla. Most of them will be cheaper imported from Japan. That’s why I think they are better cars and my personal favourite is a Mazda Mazda 6.

Those are just a few of the many winning characteristics of a Japanese used car or a car from Japan.

I hope to engage with you as your Brand and Sponsors Ambassador. I hope to emerge successful in this competition.

I am patiently waiting for your response.

Kind and warm regards,

Fiona Wanjiku Maina.


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