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Felix Burton Samaria from Malawi message

Felix Burton Samaria from Malawi message
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I wish I could win such a competition especially a car of my choice which is Toyota Noah. It will be a great success to me because I run a business some 100 km from the city and moving goods in public transport to where I sell them is both expensive and time consuming. It is also prohibitive on the types of goods to be transported because I usually use passenger vehicles.

With my own car, I will save time of travelling, buy goods of my choice and save money too. Toyota Noah is spacious for both goods and people. It is good for all weather and most roads in developing countries. Its spare parts are easy to find and it has average gas/fuel consumption. If my business capital was big enough, I could have already bought such a car and his competition has revived my hope of having such a car this year because I can even become one of the winners too.

A lot of people in my country have cars bought from Japan and looking at their durability, easily found spare parts, variety of cars to choose from,reliable sellers, state of the art shapes etc., there is no need even to advertise more about such cars.

I hope I will be a winner because with cars from Japan everyone becomes a winner.

I am happy to have suvh an opportunity of competing and I will be very happy if I become a winner.

Felix B. Samaria (Malawi)

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