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Faston Kamanga from Zambia message

Faston Kamanga from Zambia message
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I believe am a person who deserves a car this year to help me cut on taxi expenses when going and coming back from work and enable me travel around with my wife and three kids during holiday seasons. It very tedious to travel by bus with three kids and very inconveniencing too, that’s why i need a ride to enable me move from one place to another easily at my own convenience. It would be a life changing moment for me and my family especially that we have been looking forward to purchase our own vehicle but due to these hard economic times my country is facing it has made it very difficult especially that our currency is trading extremely poor against the US Dollar has become very challenging to order a vehicle from Japan. I want to take this opportunity to thank Car From Japan for giving people like me a chance to own a hustle free vehicle for I believe that this will also empower me and others in the same position am in to drive…… therefore I commend Car From Japan for this conducting a great promotion and for being so generous for giving back to the people that support you. If I won I would let everyone know in my town, neighborhood, workplace and everyone around me to know how great your company is and the vehicles that you sell. My car should a Car From Japan bumper sticker which should be seen as a flagship for everyone who wants to import a vehicle.
I look forward to that email that will have the messaged I want see saying congratulations you have won a Car!!!
Thanks to Car From Japan.

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