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FALLYN DAVIDS from Zimbabwe message

FALLYN DAVIDS from Zimbabwe message
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Dear Japanese Used Car Company

I firstly would like to thank you for this opportunity of allowing me to participate in the competition. This means a lot to me and i am very impressed with your marketing and communication to me your valued client. I have been following your website car from japan for sometime now . I have been trying to save up to buy a car but as you know the situation in Zimbabwe is difficult. If i were to succeed in winning this competition you would be changing my life forever as i am a single mom of 3 minor children.

There are alot people i have recommended to use Japenese used cars and all have been impressed with the service delivery and the customer service .

Thank you kindly for this opportunity Car From Japan. Take care and god bless . Continue the excellent service.

Kind Regards,
Fallyn Davids , Harare, Zimbabwe


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