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EXCELLO ZIDANA from Malawi message

EXCELLO ZIDANA from Malawi message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
To begin with, thank you for accepting me to be one of the people in the competition. Surely, I am the best in this competition because I know cars from Japan in and out. Honestly, I am used to driving cars from Japan but I don’t know why. Previously I had a Toyota Cressida which I bought from a friend because my income is not enough to buy a vehicle direct from Japan. Nevertheless, when I bought this car from this gentleman, within a month this man managed to order another vehicle from Japan and it was a Toyota again. I am currently driving a Toyota Corolla though old but I am comfortable with it and I love Japan vehicles because spare parts are not difficult to find and usually cheaper than for other vehicles.
Once again thank you for accepting my application.

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