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Ernest Ibrahim B Hussain Chin from Malaysia message

Ernest Ibrahim B Hussain Chin from Malaysia message
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As far as a good millage and uncompromised quality of Japanese used card is concern.
I believe the world trust the quality of cars from japan as a reasonable ,reliable and economical vehicles on any condition of driving condition.
to share with you a true story .its a custom in my family beginning from my grand father Mr Raymond that used to own several cars and all the cars is from japan,and the tradition continue to my father who have own his first Japanese used car which is the Toyota KE10 model in 1977,.and in 1991 he own a brand new Ford Laser tx3.and at 2013 till present he owns a mazda 3 model
as for me my first car was indeed a Japanese used car which is a Toyota LE in 1993.later on I own a Honda civic which is brand new in 1997.and although the car is already 18 years old this year .its still in good running condition .i do that simply by performing strict schedule maintenance on the vehicle. With of course the genuine oem parts of the car and some times with a little modification .when I had the chance to participate in this contest. I saw a free ticket to own a decent and quality Japanese used car .to god i pray and hope that I will win the contest of cars from japan.,
simply because the quality and efficiency of the cars from japan is uncompromised compare to its rival continental for me i will always trust cars from japan.
I am also looking into opportunity to be your agent of sales Malaysia. However the government has impost high tax rate when we import depends on the merchandize the rate may vary.between item and car is one of them.
huge demands of Japanese used car by Malaysian and also parts. Therefore is viable to have an agent of sales in Malaysia to control the asia market.i am willing to talk more on this should you would accept my proposal

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