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Eric Michael Mugwey Ndungu from Kenya message

Eric Michael Mugwey Ndungu from Kenya message
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I would love to be one of the lucky winner. I need a car. If I win I will brand “car from Japan Japanese used car” and be your abasandor in Kenya and Africa .

You have empowered many Kenyans to own good car.

I have never owned a car and every time I see a lovely car I remind God that am still waiting on him. Since my God is able I will continue waiting upon him.

My wife Beatrice N N will be very happy together with my son Peter N M and my daughter Prudence K M.

My Dream Car

As a child I dreamed of owning a car
Saved up each penny in a piggy jar
And the day came that I could fulfil my wish
Even though at home there was not a single dish

-I drove home proud, parking at the gate
Went in to greet my parents in haste
Hurt as they were for we had to struggle
with no space even to snuggle
At dawn I went and saw no car
But a huge hole where I‘d parked
Peeping into the sinking depth
I regret that I had even left
Lost in an instant was my lifelong dream
And my fortune, I could only scream-

Therein I fell and hit my head
And realised I was not on bed
Hurried out with the money I had
Handing it over to my dear dad
It will feed my siblings for months
And pay for moms cure at lengths
It dawned on me how wrong I was
For almost buying a car, alas!

My Dream Car

I found this old car
Kinda beat up, but it’ll do
With a little love and care
It’ll be shining like new

I take a ride down a deserted highway
It’s long, alone, and narrow
It’s pointing me in some direction
Like a dark asphalt arrow

I look in my rearview mirror
And I see laughter and tears
I’ve survived a lot
Through the last twenty years

In the shine of my headlights
I see what’s coming
Whether I like it or not
There’s no point in running

Inside I hear the radio
Revealing different melodies
And I sit there and I sing
My words soon to become memories

The road curves and winds
There’s just one last bend
My “Dream Car” is my life
And I’ll ride it out til the end

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