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Enock Wambua from Kenya message

Enock Wambua from Kenya message
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I am happy to have been introduced to Car From Japan. The reason why you should pick me as the winner is i have introduced you to different countries. I have taken Car From Japan to Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria as you will find out from the different people signing in via my link. I have a wedding this year scheduled to be on September so i will use my new car to ferry my bride. I will entirely market you on all social media platforms including by the word of mouth. I am personally an exporter of cars as i was introduced to your competitor SBT a year ago and i have since been buying from them. Now with the introduction of Car From Japan and having keenly looked at your website, i believe we can do some business together as change in business is always welcome. I love Japanese used cars personally so i would see how this promotion goes.

All the best to every participant!

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