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emmanuel mulenga from Zambia message

emmanuel mulenga from Zambia message
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When you look down through the annals of time,quality has been the backbone to the progress attained by man, trophies won and the dignity conferd upon man.You have been an explicit and vivid example of a company that renders utmost quality when it comes to customer needs and requirements. Your products have stood a test of time and have been evaluated but they have proved beyond reasonable doubt that when it comes to cars, japanese cars are the best and the most valuable cars you would want to have.
Being a fun of cars, because i was brought up by my brother who used to trade in cars, he always had a problem because he would buy brand new carsthat would give him problems barely a year later on ,this went on until a friwnd of his advised him toget a used car from japan and he has been used it for three years and earlier last year advised my sister and she also bought one.. And honnestly speaking thatsthe only car he has used foe more than a year without even thinking twiceabout selling it..
What you have started is a good thing and i am willing to even source out market for you, its high time people learnt about quality and appreciating the value in something, but i have the following suggestions:
1). I would love that you people find ways of reaching out to people that have no access to the internet due to technological defficiency but would love to know and learn more aboutwhat you offer and the quality that it holds.
2). Have a program more especially in African countries where there are civil servants and get good money but dont know where to go but end up buying cars that dont last them any longer than morning dew. In some African countries,people barely have access to internet and the only way ia to have agents that would market your product .
3). Some people would want to have your product but would only do that in instalments, so i suggest you have agents that can visit these big zambian companies and market in form of brochures.and give them terms and conditions. That will put your product on the map more especially in zambia where people get loans to buy a car, so you can do that and you can be rest assured that your product wil sell.
I believe you have all that it takes because you have the most significant attribute that can satisfy every customer and leave them smiling for a generation.
Another thing that can make you people walk with your heads high is your high degree of transparency, iv never heard anyone complain about anything or any act which shows that your busness is authentic and transparent,
Not only this but you also know how to interact with your customers to ensure that they get the best services , in my own perception i would say you have no competition because your cars are affordable and durable.
You have been consistent and that proves stability and focus.
Your quick response to customer querries is what amaizes me and fascinates me,this might be a promotion but its one way you are showing us that you value your customers and would want to interact and hear frm them as well as show how much of an excellent comoanion you can be to your customers. This is impressive and a good gesture, thumbs up to the one that came up with this idea. Already all my friends that clicked my link including the people that just saw it on facebook are astonished and cant bring themselves to believe that you could actually come up with such a brilliant mind blowing idea.
Keep it up and we wil be right behind you all the way.

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