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elvis zacarias from Mozambique message

elvis zacarias from Mozambique message
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My name is Elvis Zacarias I’m 69 years old, I am a priest, I live in Laulane neighborhood, I’m married I have 2 children, one of 19 year old and the other 24 years. I have a small farm where I shot the food for my support and to sell., I have Toyota hiace, with 2.2 engine capacity, and this Is the transport i used to take food on the farm, I am not here on CAR FROM JAPAN to ask a JAPONESE USED CAR for me, but for my sister in law the woman of my late brother.
She tried to join the giveaway with the account of her name cristina Jose Matusse and the account of her son José Dércio bombe, she already failed, and then asked me to participation with the account of my son, as I don’t have account.
Her story
I here on CAR FROM JAPAN to ask a help to my sister in law her name called cristina Jose Matusse 40-year-old, widow with 5 children including 3 girls and two boys, the eldest son no longer lives with her mother, and has already 22 years of age, he has a wife and two children, he works but does not get enough money to help his mother. he works as a cattle herder and cultivate the boss farm on weekends to get bonus on the salary and he only gets 1300MT and this is not enough to take care a family of 3 people, so he always asks for help and I have not always how to help.
As my sister in law was widowed last year in the military conflict time when her husband was wearing a journey on a Thursday for quelimane ‘’province’’ in mission work, was killed in the military column that did the Save river crossing to quelimane there was a part of road ‘’war’’ military conflict were crossed in the country ”
The government did not help the victims, anything to the whole or to the mobility of the body from the family, we had to make our way.
She does not work and since her husband died, her life get much worse, seeing her suffering and family could not let her starve, i had the initiative to invite her to live with me, at least she would have a plate of food per a day, first she denied later accepted because of her children, who already did not go to school because of lack of money for transportation, because the school is situated away.
Her children school grade
22 years old he is working, 19 years old, she is study on secondary school, grade 12
16years old ,she study on primary school , grade 9
7 years old = she study on primary school, 2 years
3years old, she is a child and she does not study.
To sum up
The reason way I came here in CAR FROM JAPAN is to ask for a JAPONESE USED CAR Toyota hiace van brand, fuel diesel, automatic transmition ,, to offer my sister in law so she can start a business that will help her to continue with the studies of the children’s and for their self-support because I do not know for how many time I’ll continue alive, because I’m already old.

CAR FROM JAPAN my very Thank you for making many people happy in world, continuation of good work and God bless you.

Best regards
I wish you success in sales in 2015

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