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elvin mhaka from Zimbabwe message

elvin mhaka from Zimbabwe message
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hello Hana. i would like to take this opportunity to thank Car from Japan and all the sponsors for giving us this opportunity to win a car. Car from Japan has been exporting new and used cars to countries in all continents. They have a very good reputation of supplying cars of good quality. Recently there has been a significant increase i the number of new and used cars being exported to Africa. this is because Car from Japan has cars that are cheap, reliable, efficient and affordable. Due to the fact that the cars are cheap it has since become everyone’s dream to own a car and this is based from my home country, Zimbabwe. Cars produced locally in Zimbabwe are very expensive and unaffordable to most people so Car from Japan has presented most people with hope of ever owning a car by supplying good and affordable cars. car from Japan is also known to having a workforce that is very efficient and hardworking. If you have any enquiries there is always someone readily available to assist you whatever the problem may be. Car from Japan are also known for making sure that their customers are satisfied from their services. they always make sure the car reaches the customer on time and in the condition it was bought in. i would like to thank Car from Japan for giving me this chance to win a car. my gratitude is also extended to all the sponsors for helping spread and advertise the good name and services of Car from Japan to all corners of the globe. car from Japan should make me a winner because i am a car enthusiast and it would be a dream come true for me to win a car. i have also been spreading the good message of car from Japan to many people and therefore have been a good ambassador to your company. i have been referring people to buy cars from you and making me a winner will make me feel that my references paid off. Lastly i encourage Car from Japan and all the sponsors to keep up the good work and the bring more competitions like this one in the future and keep supplying us with good quality products that are affordable, efficient and very durable. i salute you all and keep it up. Thank you once again for such an opportunity.

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