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Elizabeth kungwalo from Malawi message

Elizabeth kungwalo from Malawi message
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to say the truth cars from Japan are very affordable, meaning that an individual person can afford to buy, am saying this because almost 98% of Malawians they are using these affordable cars, it is exactly showing that had it been there are no cars from Japan Malawi was nothing when it comes to road transportation.

but am grad that I have an opportunity to highlight my appreciation of what you are doing all I can say is that keep on doing what you are doing and I know you are currently having plans to have branches through BE FORWARD Car exporters in Malawi(Lilongwe and Blantyre Cities) this is a welcome idea and I hope that it will help to reduce some other unforeseen circumstances which people meet with when transporting their cars from Tanzania to Malawi and even the time people use to go and get their car to Malawi will be used for other businesses as they will be buying cars here in Malawi.

The other thing is that am grad to be one of the competitors in this competition, am well conservative of what Japanese used cars are and I hope picking me as a winner will help to boost the popularity of CAR FROM JAPAN the whole Malawi and even outside Malawi and I will continue to help you boost you marketing in Malawi and its my player that Jehovah should be on my side that I should be the lucky winner.
Keep on Car from Japan keep on Japanese used car we are who we are today because of you……… we love you

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