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Elijah Mujuni from Uganda message

Elijah Mujuni from Uganda message
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For starters I would like to thank Car from Japan for this opportunity that could see me get to drive a Japanese used car which would be some thing so great. All together we Ugandans are thankful for Japanese cars they cater for our needs at friendly prices I think very few people would be able to drive cars here if there were no Japanese vehicles.

As to why I should be picked well if given this car my life will definitely be impacted positively because I would like to use it for commercial purposes which will see me generate revenue with this success I will want to get another car to expand my fleet and I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else but to Car From Japan, So in summary if picked I would like to maintain a relationship with Car From Japan one that is beneficial to both of us with me you will get a business partner for life, even if I haven’t won at the of this promotion I hope to stay in touch such that when I finally get enough money to buy myself a car you are the people I want to come to

Finally what I think about Car From Japan what you are doing is great and is a first I have seen any other companies doing this so I think down here you will be a household name pretty soon.
With those few words allow me to end here I know I haven’t used even half the words I was allowed but my few words are sincere, please arigato for your consideration and taking time to read through my essay.


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