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Edward Riunge Njogu from Kenya message

Edward Riunge Njogu from Kenya message
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Ever since i was a young boy my love for cars was evident;from sitting at the side roads,sitting on rooftops just to watch the cars as they fly away.At that young age i was already in love with a Japanese car i.e Subaru.The speed,color(blue) and sound system on this master piece meant everything to me.
The dream that i always had at that tender age of owning a Japan Subaru whether it was new or used still haunts me even today,its for that reason that on every weekend i hire a Subaru for a day and live the dream for that short moment.
The winner should be an individual whose love for Japanese cars is greater than anything whether new or old and his/her passion is evident from childhood and i believe am that person.My love for Japanese cars has grown that i would like to be an ambassador for cars from japan so that i can be ,more than just a driver of cars from japan.

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