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Edward Mairura from Kenya message

Edward Mairura from Kenya message
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Edward Mairura
P.O. Box, 594,

Chief Marketing Officer
Car From Japan Co., Ltd.

Dear Madam,


I am a Kenyan Citizen aged 31. Currently I am employed by the Teachers Service Commision. I travel a lot especially during weekends to meet my family members. This competition actually makes me salivate for a car that can enable me to move with ease! I new about this competition while I was browsing on Japanese Used Cars.

I have interest in building a relationship with Car From Japan so I can be able to buy and import products e.g. cars, from Japan, with minimum risk and friendly prices.

A car is a very basic human need in the world today. It enables workers and businessmen to move conviniently from one point to another. I come from Kisii-Kenya where most people have interest and desire to own cars either for commercial or private purpose.

We now have an opportunity, through Car From Japan, to enrich our lives and improve our living standards by buying and importing cars and other products from Car From Japan with minimum risk and attractive prices.

Japanese used cars are of good quality and can serve us with no or minimum difficulties! Personally I have experienced a Japanese used car, Nissan Vanette Van, which I imported through a dealer in Mombasa-Kenya, and sold it after realising that a friend had developed interest in the Van. I therefore went for a second one, same model, which I still have for the last six months now and its serving me good in the commercial sector. However I lost my trust in that dealer from the way he handled my second deal!

I hereby take this opportunity to thank Car From Japan co., Ltd. through the CMO, Hana Yurimoto, for giving us an opportunity through a fair and free competition to participate and stand a chance to win a grand prize of a Car among other prizes. I extend my vote of thanks to the sponsors of this exercise.

I am looking forward to be the lucky winner so that I can use this as an opportunity to create more awareness about car from Japan, in Kisii-Kenya and other parts of the country, and even transform my relationship with Car From Japan to a business relationship for a better and enriched future.

Yours Sincerely


Edward Mairura.

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