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Edmore Marongwe from Zimbabwe message

Edmore Marongwe from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you very much for this grand opportunity i greatly appreciate your efforts to us drive the very best of cars of our choice for free, its not everyday that you see such a big organisation being so generous which is why i feel CAR FROM JAPAN stands out from the rest as the best Used Cars Sales company.

More so you offer a wide range of vehicles from reasonably priced cars to executive luxury cars… now thats what i call spoiled for choice… Keep Spoiling us!

If you were to pick me as the winning candidate, i would definitely be the happiest man in the world…. its not easy to be picked / selected from a huge number of other competitors and chosen as the best but thats my prayer not only will i benefit from this but surely when you are the happiest man on earth you would shout out loud to the world sothey can clearly see (and in my perspective thats what every brand wants – someone to shout out loud in awe and in happiness of a ccertain brand)

As a representative of your sponsors and your brand i would certainly make sure that the Zimbabwean market rises to the occasion to pick you as the Used Cars From Japan – Car Sales of choice. Everyone who ought to import a car from Japan would and should thinking of Car From Japan… i would not even mind having my car (the car that i would have won) as an adverting medium to communicate the message that Car From Japan is the used car exporter of choice.

Lastly i think this vehicle would come in handy in time as my wife is also expecting i would be joyed to rush her to the Hospital in style (in the car that Car From Japan would have gifted me with) it surely will be an awesome experience…

Keep up the good work team… Gift me with a Car (Car From Japan)

Thank you!

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