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eddie muriuki from Kenya message

eddie muriuki from Kenya message
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I have been looking for a genuine partner who connects Japanese used car exporters to buyers. I saw Car From Japan from one of your partner’s that is Kenya car bazaar’s website. It is very hard to see Japanese used car buying platforms connecting with local car dealers. After consulting with Kenya car bazaar, they assured me that Car From Japan are the best due to the prescence of a buyer protection fee where Car From Japan does not pay the seller until the Japanese used car has arrived in good condition and surely after looking at the car stocks I agreed. My father bought a 1999 l touring from one of your exporters Autorec in 2006 and up to date it is running as good as new so I know from personal experience that Car From Japan sell high quality Japanese used cars. One thing I think makes Car From Japan the best is the fact that they have a local partner in my case Kenya car bazaar. This makes it easier to trust the exporters as the local partner assures us of your authenticity. After looking through the Japanese used car stocks, I saw that Car From Japan went the extra mile and they even indicate the horsepower of the car, the turning radius and the weight which is very rare. You guys also show a lot of pictures which are very clear and detailed. And I would also like to appreciate that you guys remembered to send condolences after the Garissa massacre on your twitter account. As a Kenyan I appreciate that. Also the variety of Japanese used cars is amazing from cars that start at $500 to a Lamborghini worth$400000. That is amazing!! I also think that you guys have one of the best looking and easy to navigate websites, especially on a smartphone.
I am 20 years old and I have been telling my mum that when she saves up enough money, Car From Japan would be our first and only place to look for a car. After seeing your car give away ad, I told my mum she was very excited. I joined the competition a bit late but that will not bring me down. I am trying very hard to share the website on all social media platforms. I may not have the most points now but If we won the $5000 gift we would put a big Car From Japan sticker on the car but I hope you guys will send the car with the stickers😊. From your website I read that one of your goals as a brand is to enrich lives so please enrich ours with a Japanese used car :). I will definitely be a representative your brand (which I am sure is what you are looking for in a winner) in Kenya which as you probably know is the biggest market for Japanese used cars in Africa(I have a cousin who is a Japanese used car importer by profession so, I will be sure to tell him and his friends to give Car From Japan a chance). In the meantime I will share your website as much as possible not only for the points but also to increase your dominance in the Kenyan market. But please remember If I won the car for my mum you guys will have a dedicated representative for your brand, since I am young, energetic and ready to work. So Please pick me🙋

Your number one fan😊
Eddie Muriuki

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