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dzikamai from Zimbabwe message

dzikamai from Zimbabwe message
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Used cars fro Japan are of best quality especially here in Zimbabwe.Very afordable,good prices,best cars!!!!You can get a good car for very low price for from CARFROMJAPAN.COM.I knew this from a friend and i found more from the net.So why am trying to tell all my fellows who would like to get a good car from Japan to use this car exporter.Very efficient and reliable i must say…with good personnel.I bought one car from another export dealer but later recognised CARFROMJAPAN.COM is just the best.My friend got a good BMW 320i and that car is still running with no any problems,and i think its now 9 months after he got his car from this car exporter.I bought mine from another dealer but i felt cheated because all that was stated on the car on the net was diffrent from what i got,some of the things were missing,the jack,the spare tyre and even the tools were missing…untill i was told by a friend that if i use this CARFROMJAPAN.COM,i will get my car as it is on the internet,with everything on it!!And its not me alone,i also read some other people complaining as well.To be honest with you all my friends out there you have to trust this CARFROMJAPAN.COM… is the best dealer,and no additional charges on getting your car from your nearest port.My self am happy to use this dealer and will be hopping to buy a volvo s60 very soon.Fast and reliable like what i said before……you get your vehicle in the time they tell you,with the exact features and everything that is supposed to be on the vehicle,its like you are getting just a new car,you can travel from Dar esalam till yu get to Zimbabwe without having any problem on the road.So i thank you all the personnel from this dealer,you dont cheat your customers taking the advantage that you are far away.Keep the great job for selling good cars to your customers mostly in Africa.Am planning to have a business open here in Zimbabwe and its best for me to use this dealer…CARFROMJAPAN.COM.

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