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DUDUZILE DUBE from Swaziland message

DUDUZILE DUBE from Swaziland message
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dear Hana,
Thank you for this opportunity for me to enter this competition, i am a 52 years old single divorced in 1996 parent with 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy the last born, the 1st born was out of wedlock and the last 2 are from my marriage which didn’t work out but with the help of God i have managed to raise up on my own though the fathers were alive the last two are still attending collages and the 1st born has a diploma in Tourism and is now working. i have worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Health for 30 years this year. i do have a vehicle a Toyota Avanza 2007 model which i have been using in ministry work as a part time pastor and sometimes i give it to other missionaries to go and minister with it, its for this reason that i believe i need another car or two so that i can have a family car.

I have seen and driven a Japanese used car and i have been impressed with the space in the cars from Japan the many interior facilities and their smooth running on the road, though our roads are mountainous but still they manage to cope. the cars from Japan i must say are very spacious and comfortable to drive over long distances and accommodate even people with disabilities due to their dual driving mode not to mention their being affordable to buy and maintain if you find a good garage for on time servicing of the car.In Swaziland most of the people maybe even half of the populations is using Japanese used cars, I hope to win and become one of the people owning one of these cars.

Thank you

Best Regards

Duduzile Emmah Dube

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