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Dr. Robert Patrick Napoleon from South Sudan message

Dr. Robert Patrick Napoleon from South Sudan message
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Dear Hana,
I am honoured to receive thus personal message from you, the Chief marketing officer of Cars from Japan . I am really excited and looking forward to the end the end of the competition and I hope that I will be among the lucky winners of Cars from Japan !
I actually stumbled on your website Car from Japan while surfing on Facebook and immediately got hooked up. This is because I have been buying Japanese used cars for the past three years. I also did share your competition on my page and I believe many of mu friends also clicked on it.
Our country is the newest member- we just became independent three years ago and we are very fond of Japanese used cars,especially Toyota and buy lots of Japanese used cars ! There are many Japanese used cars from many companies in Japan selling Japanese used Cars! I believe your company Cars from Japan will get good market here if not for the financial difficulties. We are undergoing at the moment.
I wish Cars from Japan all the best and looking forward to doing business with Car From Japan one day and will be able to order Japanese used cars.
My best regards.


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