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DR POYA NJOKA from Malawi message

DR POYA NJOKA from Malawi message
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I have to be picked as a winner because I will use my highly respected educational background, good conduct, my adorable public relations skills which is coupled with a positive influence on my society to market Japanese used cars. People in this part of Africa will easily trust cars from Japan since they will reason that if our cherished doctor, the Chief Epidemiologist, and our own guardian from whom we seek advice and guidance on matters affecting our lives is using a car from Japan then Japanese used cars must be the best choice. In a bid to drive the message about the advantages of using a car from Japan, I will put conspicuous stickers about cars from Japan on my car so that wherever I go people must see and know about cars from Japan. I will also give very good advise about Japanese used cars to all who need it. The advise will include: Issues to do with the affordability of cars from Japan, availability of spare parts for Japanese used cars in Malawi, reliability of cars from Japan, durability of Japanese used cars.
What I think about a car from Japan is that one will never go wrong with a Japanese used car. A Japanese used car is always the best whenever one has a taste for reliability, comfort and durability. Moreover affordable spare parts for a car from Japan are ubiquitous in my country, Malawi. Every Malawian will agree with me that the roads in Japan are far much better than the roads in Malawi. This is why these Japanese used cars are still in a very good condition by the time one brings them into Malawi. This is also why a car from Japan always passes the certification of fitness that is conducted by the Malawi Road Traffic Department. Due to the fact that a car from Japan is very affordable business colleagues who deal in buying and selling cars will make big profits by getting Japanese used cars to sell them here in Malawi. Considering the fact that a car from Japan is durable then ones will spend less in maintenance of the vehicle. Since a car from Japan is reliable then one can confidently use it for long distances with peace of mind that he/she will reach his/her destination. Used cars from Japan are comfortable and this makes one to travel using a used car from Japan without complaining about bodily pains that come from lack of comfort.

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