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DORIS NIGHT from Kenya message

DORIS NIGHT from Kenya message
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Thank you for choosing me as the winner of this competition. With my VW Toureg, freshly landed from Japan, am the proudest person on earth right now because a Japanese used car is the best thing ever. A Car from Japan would be the best option for me because for close to 6 years now I have been driving an Nissan Xtrail – a Japanese used car and it has performed beyond my expectation. Besides I am a marketer by profession and if you choose me as a winner I will do everything within my powers to promote cars from Japan. Japan used cars offer convenience, practicability, comfort and safety for the user. I say so because I am a current satisfied user of a car from Japan. I will promote Japanese car brands through all possible medium and I will be proud to be the brand ambasseduer of a car from Japan. Experience is the best teacher so why choose someone else who has never tried a car from Japan?
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