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Doreen Kerubo from Kenya message

Doreen Kerubo from Kenya message
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i was impressed the first time i saw this through a friend who sent me this link.lately i have been thinking so much about buying a car for myself but my savings neither my salary could not add up so that i can buy even a simple car to help me get to work early so that i can fend for my just started family of three.for once i thought God has heard my prayer and is giving me a solution to one of my requests to have a car of my own.and i thought of it as a perfect opportunity to try and see if id get the the opportunity to be the winner
i will be honored if at all i get to be one of the lucky winners.i pray and hope God has heard my prayer and that is why He has lead me to this competition.
every time as i walk to work,i see a number of ladies in their cars and i think to myself “one day im going to drive a car of my own as that lady”….not long than had i thought of that than this competition came up and i could not hesitate.
thank you so much for giving people like us a platform like this one so that we can improve lives
looking forward to be a winner.Good luck to all the ladies that have applied as well.
warm regards.

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