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Donald Ghambi from Malawi message

Donald Ghambi from Malawi message
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Dear Hana,
Thank you for your inspirational words. I don’t doubt that I will win the race. I am so motivated to get this car. Because this is tobacco marketing season in Malawi, I hope that if i win, I will get more people to buy from Car From Japan. Because many people here though they have money, are illiterate. they can only admire if they see the Japanese used car with a person like me. They will surely be delighted and inquisitive to buy one Japanese used car. Those who buy will also send the message to others and by the end of the season many people might be introduced to Car from Japan.
I have enjoyed Japanese made cars since 2007 when I first owned one. I still have it and its in perfect condition. This brand was a Toyota starlet 1993 model. It is still immaculate and tough.

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