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dennis cheruiyot from Kenya message


I love cars. I have loved cars since I was a child. I am a self confessed petrol head. I also love driving across the African plains.

I work as a dental surgeon in some of the most remote parts of Kenya. I drive twice weekly to see patients in Eldama Ravine. I currently drive a Toyota Vitz 1999 given to me by my mum. Its getting too old now and parts keep breaking. Infact as I write this message from my phone the front left shock absorber is being replaced.

Having seen this competition was quite good for me. I have heard never heard off Car from Japan before. It was a real blessing to have this and I decided to participate.

I hope to have a fairly good car to attend to my patients. Given the chance I would also encourage others to buy from Car from Japan as the prices are very pocket friendly.

Thank and God Bless you!!!!!

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