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Davit from Armenia message

Davit from Armenia message
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Dear Hana, winning in this competition will bring me closer to my dream.
First of all, thank you for this opportunity to make people’s dreams come true and lend a helping hand for fans of japan cars. I think, you should pick me as a winner for following reasons:
As, I am a big fan of cars and an auto enthusiast I am going to go trough this competition and try to earn as many points as it is available. It means I do as much as I can to get a car.
Second, I have preferred car list which means I know exactly what car I am going to get by the final of competition and I think it will be the most exotic car among the others.
Third, I am writing this message even though tomorrow is my final exam in university, but I think that now is the best time for writing this message, because I was sitting and thinking about my future car instead of studying for tomorrow.
In my opinion, Car From Japans campaign of car giveaway is one of the best campaigns of the year, because it made a big boom and rush among the people all over the world.
This campaign is the proof that the company has a hard working staff, who know exactly what the customers need. Not only the customers, but the people who are interested in cars. I think that this campaign of support has a big role in society and it will prove that the humanity still exists.
I want to thank every person involved in this project, whether it was the cleaner of the office where the staff works, or the directors of the company.
I believe that people all around the world who have joined this competition will be happy to win, and I am sure that the winner will be the right one among all the candidates.

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