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David Wanjala from Kenya message


Car From Japan is simply the best!!! I have directed some of my friends who have bought cars from ”Car From Japan”unfortunately,I have not been able to buy any car due to lack of finances.The vehicles my friends have bought are doing great and admirable.Oh,please give me a car and I will keep advertising,driving around with the stickers on.I will be your best advertiser in my country.I will enjoy directing people to your site and when they ask me how confident I am with ”Car From Japan”,I simply show them the car I have.

I am a preacher of the Gospel of Christ and I always travel a lot.This means,I will be meeting many people and letting them know more about ”Car From Japan”please don’t deny me this chance.I have my Driving License with three years experience of driving but I have no car.Your gift to me will serve a lot of people as I serve my God in it.
Please ”Car From Japan”,this is not a joke,I need a car!!! Thank you for your consideration.Looking forward to hear from you!

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